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Questions relating to child development (weight, age height etc)

Q Will a child’s weight be irrelevant when I buy a child car seat now?
Not for existing seats sold under Regulation ECE R44.04 as these are measured on the weight of a child. But one of the aims of i-Size is to make things simpler, and using length/height of your baby or child is designed make it easier for you to choose the right seat for them.  

Q What is ECE R44.04?
This is the existing standard for child car seats. From June 2006 all new child car seats had to meet this standard.

Q Will there be some discretion in age/height?
There won’t be under i-Size.  For the first stage seat, a child must remain rearward facing until at least 15 months old - this is mandatory under i-Size.  Advice has always been not to rush this first stage, remember rearward facing for longer is safer.

Age may well be considered, along with height, for when a child seat is no longer required (135cm/150cm tall) but this is yet to be agreed.  When there is more information about this, we will update this website.

Q Why height when it’s always been about weight?
This is designed to make it easier for parents and carers.  A child’s weight is still important, and that was taken into consideration when the panel who develop the standard set the  minimum and maximum heights for each child seat.

Q When working out the next stage seat for a child, do we still go with the child’s weight if there is a traditional belted system of securing to the vehicle, or just ISOFix?
During the period of change to i-Size, you will have two options when purchasing a seat.  If you’re looking at a belt-routed seat or just ISOFix, the manufacturer’s instructions will still be in Kgs. It’s only i-Size products where you will see the height classification.


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About the i-Size campaign

i-Size is the new European standard for child car seats. i-Size seats will fit every i-Size approved vehicle and cars will need to be i-Size compliant to achieve the maximum Euro NCAP rating.

The i-Size regulations are designed to provide children with additional protection and safety in the car. i-Size does not replace the existing R44/04 legislation, but runs alongside it. The key differences are increased support for the child's head and neck and better protection in the event of both frontal and side-impact. The seat's five-point harness ensures that the child stays in the seat even in a roll-over accident.

i-Size also helps parents choose the right seat more easily by classifying seats by the child's length/height rather than weight. It can be used in most cars that have IsoFix fittings, which have been standard in the majority of cars since 2007, and which make the seat easy to install correctly. The legislation also states that the child must travel rearward-facing up to a minimum of 15 months old.

This i-Size campaign has been developed by Stennik in consultation with Child Seat Safety. For more information please contact Sally Bartrum on 01379 650112.

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